Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm Good

Frequently I come to realizations that I think should be shared with the world because I am convinced that they could help many people out. I have a secret (so much for a secret now) desire to write one of those self-help books, like How to Win Friends and Influence People because of these genius realizations I come to. Except I never write them down so if I were to write a book I would only be able to remember like two things and my book would have one chapter with one paragraph in it. Sounds like a New York Times best seller to me. Anyway, I had one of those realizations today. And that is: A human mind has the power to do anything it wants. So sometimes I live by the philosophy of getting through my college career the easiest way possible (alright who am I kidding. Sometimes? Nah...always). I demonstrated part of my brain power today in my Pearl of Great Price class. So after class I walked up to my professor and asked if he was acquainted with Brother Robinson (Stephen Robinson), and he said, "Steve? Oh yeah, we are good friends." To which I then said, "I was just wondering because I see some similarities in your teaching methods." (Oh please, since when do I talk like an intellectual?) My professor then said, "Really? Wow, well that is a compliment. What's your name?"
"Well thanks Audrey."
And I bet he will remember that because I make comments and participate in class, and I always say thank you to him after every class. So basically if you play teacher's pet without being annoying about it, you're golden. A+ in PGP this semester? Oh I'll get it.

Ok ok I know it doesn't always work like that, but I really do believe those cheese ball, cliche sayings like, "If you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything" blah blah blah. But it is true. You want to get on the good side of a professor? You ask him/her questions that convince them that you are genuinely interested in the subject they teach. You participate in class, etc. and you are bound to be better off than if you have no interaction whatsoever with that professor. I had some good interaction with my history teacher, Professor Fluhman, today too. He probably loves me now. (Charley can agree that Prof. Fluhman is the shiz).

Alright alright, so that might be a no brainer, but I swear I come up with better stuff than that--stuff that I will write in a book one day and sell millions of copies, yo.

No more boring talk. Any updates with me? Nope. Except I will probably be getting glasses tomorrow. No more squinting.

Buh bye now.