Saturday, May 12, 2012

Meet Seth

I started looking through the thousands of pictures on my computer and I started noticing a trend in a lot of the pictures and videos I have of Seth. Can you tell what it is? The kid has serious hops. Anyway, looking at pictures with Seth in them got me thinking about him. What a cool kid. So, if you haven't met him, I introduce to you my younger brother Seth, aka Pups, Puppy, Befford, and about 138 other nicknames.

Some facts about Pups:

1. Dude's got a wicked vocabulary. There have been times where he'll be using some big words and I just stand there like a dummy with a question mark over my head.

2. He's insanely athletic. My senior year of high school he ran cross country with me (he was my savior that season, though he might not know it) and he was the one who, despite the coach and captains telling us not to, would just start walking every now and then while the rest of us would be dying a thousand deaths, using every fiber of our being to not keel over and die in the middle of the dry, 120 degree hideous deserts of Las Vegas during our what seemed to be hellishly long runs. Why would he walk? Well for one thing, our lazy coach thought it a better idea to stay back at the high school and wait for the team to get back from our run, so Seth could get away with it. But in all honesty, I think Seth just got bored. "Eh, this 40-40 (run for 40 minutes out into the desert, and then run for 40 minutes back) is dull, I'm going to switch things up a little and walk." And guess what? None of us could say anything. Why? Because Seth has lightening speed. There he was, a sophomore in high school. His first time running cross country. DIDN'T EVEN HAVE TO TRY that much at practice because we all knew that he would kick most people's trash in the races. And let's be real. He hated cross country (so did I), so why would he try hard? Anyway, that's just running. He's amazing at everything he tries. Was placed on the varsity volleyball team his sophomore year in high school. I was once chucking my rugby ball at him from 10 feet away with a lot of my energy, over and over, and he caught them all...ONE HANDED. I think his sweat glands in his hands also secrete glue. Basketball. Football. Soccer. You name it, he's good at it. The best thing about all of this? He's humble, so you probaby didn't know most of this.

3. Seth is an aspiring doctor and is on a very comfortable road to that goal. Smart dude.

4. Pups is getting married in August to a seriously incredible girl. Her name is Allecia.

5. He's one of the biggest goofballs this world has ever seen. He can make the weirdest and most ridiculous noises and most hideous faces, that I am frequently amazed (and disturbed) in a "where-does-this-kid-come-from?" kind of way.

6. He holds the mile run record at Leavitt Middle School in Las Vegas.

7. I could go on for hours but this post is already too long, sooooo, last, but CERTAINLY not least...

8. Seth is very Christlike. I have several examples of the incredible services he has done in his life. But, seeing as he is a true Christian, he probably would not want me to share them to the world. Seth does not just live. He lives like Christ.

Seth is one of my best friends. He's younger, but has set a huge example to me in many ways. I will forever be grateful for him. 

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