Monday, October 24, 2011

I dare you to touch one more piano key.

There's this piano in the Wilkinson Center on campus. It's for anyone to play, and it is in a large, open part of the building. So if someone starts playing, almost everyone in the building has to suffer through it. I made the stupid mistake of studying at a table very close to that blasted piano. Here I am cramming for a test in relative silence, and all of a sudden some dude starts plinking away at the piano. Some tune that I have never heard. Some tune that I am pretty sure this cat made up. It was a horrid little tune. The notes didn't seem cohesive or melodious. I know squat about music so I don't even know how to explain it. But it was the kind of tune that was seriously making me think bad thoughts about the dude playing it. I wanted to yell at him and tell him to stop driving everyone in the building to insanity. The fresh anticipation of the four tests I have to take this week did not help the situation. I decided I needed to leave before I blew a gasket. However, a few hours have passed and I think "Geez. I was really irritated. Yikes. Glad that's over with."

But guess what just happened.

I am writing this blog and the girls upstairs are being really annoying. Just like they are every night. Always shrieking and laughing late at night. A lot of the time fake laughing. And every move they make upstairs--every footstep, every door closing, every pulling or pushing of a chair across the tile is magnified in my apartment by about 500 decibels. So what do I do? I stand on my bed and start banging on the ceiling with my fist. Shut em up real quick.

Looks like I am still in a "mess with me and I will cut you" mood. I blame it on the stress and lack of sleep. Four tests in one week? These professors. So sadistic.

While I might be scaring everyone away from me as I write this, let me just sort of redeem myself by saying that I am so grateful for many things in my life. The biggest thing right now being that I am so so blessed to have my family so close by. Not only do I have extended family all around the valley, but Charley and Kat 5 minutes away, Sarah and Aaron 15 minutes away, and in a couple of days Laura and John TWO AND A HALF BLOCKS away. And the rest of my family a phone call away. I couldn't have been blessed with a cooler family. I love them all like it's nobody's business.

Also it is almost Halloween. I love Halloween. So that makes me happy. I'm not entirely neurotic right now, you see.

Disclaimer: Every once in a great while someone will play an awesome song on the piano. Then I feel okay about someone playing that piano.

One last IMPORTANT thing: everyone check out and follow my sister's hair blog!