Sunday, December 12, 2010

11 days and counting...

This Christmas break I am going to...

do nothing. And it's going to be so great. And when I say nothing, I mean nothing that requires my brain to actually be used. In fact, I'll just put my brain on standby mode for two weeks while I eat cookies, wrap presents, watch movies, eat cookies, sit in the hot tub and watch movies. And many times I will sleep. And it will be heavenly.

Guys, I have been hardened. Some things in my life, especially some things that have happened recently, have hardened me. I'm the grinch. I'm Scrooge. I am Harry and Marv. I am Mr. Potter. Alright, I am not in that bad of a mood, but I have noticed a difference in myself and I don't like it. So today I made some resolutions. Not New Years resolutions like, "I will exercise every day and look like that Jillian chick from Biggest Loser at the end of the year" blah blah blah, just resolutions. And I intend on keeping them. Especially because they are really important things that I need to work on, and even change about myself. I know that when I am with my family in Vegas it will be that much easier to make changes and work on things, because I will be surrounded by people that I love and that make me so happy. Can't wait.

So why is it that when I think of good Christmas memories I think of me and Laura and Seth running around the coffee table with Manheim Steamroller blasting and Ann sitting on the couch putting her legs up on the coffee table so that we would trip? For some reason I loved that as a little kid, even though it had danger written all over it. I love that music and I love my family so I am bound to enjoy any activity that involves both of those.

So yesterday I ran some errands with Sarah and the kids. While I was in the car with the kids I asked them if they knew how old I was. Weslie said,



Hopefully I don't look that old.