Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Eve

I can't believe it's Christmas. I also can't believe that it is only me and Seth this year. We are going to have to come up with something good to make up for the lack of siblings here at home. Like make an unforgettable entrance when dad yells "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" Whatever we end up doing (I guess I should say IF) it's going to be awesome.

Wait a know what I just realized? What if it is only ME next year for Christmas?! Seth will be on his mish. Everyone else is off in other states and I will still probably be single!

Oh well. More presents for me.

JK I'll be sad.

All I know is that I am pumped for Christmas. Not so much for New Years, because New Years (and the Fourth of July) usually bite. But I love me some Christmas. I'm excited to hear about your guys'. Oh and hey the time you read this you probably will have already celebrated Christmas, so let me know how it went. Alright peace out.
Had to put some lights up.

These sugar cookies put those NASTY store bought ones to shizzame.

This one's for you John.

"The Claus" can feel free to fill up this bad boy.