Thursday, March 25, 2010

Meet Melissa

This is my cool friend Melissa. I met Melissa last year in my ward at BYU and I was her visiting teacher. Getting to know her has been interesting. Here's why:

-I should probably mention first that her name is Melissa Anne Mitchell.
-Her initials are MAM. Mine are AMM.
-Her family lives in Las Vegas. My family lives in Las Vegas.
-She was born in '88. Yeah, me too.
-She has three sisters. As do I.
-She has long brown hair. I have long blonde hair. Even our differences are alike.
-She likes skinny jeans and old school Vans. So do I. (See pictures)
-We just happen to be in Psych 341 and History 364 together. That wasn't planned.
-In fact, we are both working toward getting the same Social Sciences Teaching degree.
-She loves cats. :) ...enough said.

Weird, eh?