Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Turn

So Laura tagged me in this. Can you actually tag someone on a blog? I still don't know any of the tricks about blogging. Someone teach me someday? Thanks. Anyway, I am supposed to answer these questions:

you just won 1 million dollars. you have to spend it all in one month. no investments allowed. it all has to be gone in one month. what do you buy/do?
EASY. First, I would pack up my belongings and move here:

Then, I would buy this:
Then I would take trips to places like these:

Then I would buy TONS of Christmas decorations...
Then I would hire someone to buy me lots of cute clothes and boots and more shoes. And then I would give the rest of the money to my Aunt Becky's foundation, Foundation for Children in Need.

you are being forced to listen to either EFY music or boy a cappella group music for the rest of your life. which one?
Oh freak. How do I answer this? I hate with a fiery passion both genres. Alright fine. Boy a capella. NSYNC's bound to have some a capella songs right?

if you were famous for something...what would it be for?
Author or athlete.

what did you do to get boys attention in junior high? for example i smeared glitter all over the top of my flat chest before church dances. it didn't work.
Yeah, Laura, you taught me that glitter trick. Remember that little pink bottle of roll-on glitter? I sure do. Probably still have it somewhere.
I liked to put sparkly eyeshadow on so I could bat my eyelashes and probably blind them at the same time because they were so distracted with all the sparkle and glitter. Yikes.

Now what? I tag people? Do I have to come up with questions now? I want these people to answer the same questions:


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Goose is Getting Fat

So in the last about . . . month and a half there have been a couple of occasions where I got so anxious/excited/taken back/pumped or something to that extent where it upped my heart rate to about a million beats a second and I probably started breathing hard and sweating. Well it happened again tonight. Guess why.

No actually don't. I'll just tell you.

There's already CHRISTMAS decor in Pier 1 Imports!!! (Right now I can picture Allison saying, "Oh boy" to this. Hehehe). I couldn't help but be distracted the whole time I was working there tonight! Psh, I thought the Halloween decorations were good. The smells alone of the new Christmas candles outdo the Halloween stuff. Like Peppermint Creme...mmm heavenly.

Ok. So I wasn't breathing heavy or anything like that, but seriously, I love Christmas and I got really excited when I saw the Christmas stuff. When I was young (actually up until like two years ago) I would always get depressed the SECOND after we were done opening up presents because then I would have to wait a whole year for Christmas to come again. Alright, that still kinda happens. BUT it's not so bad anymore because time FLIES so its always here before I know it.

I have this memory (I'm sure you all remember it well) of Charley waking Seth up like two weeks before Christmas and saying, "Seth! Wake up! It's Christmas!" Seth stumbled downstairs and lo and behold, Charley had stuffed pillows behind the 8 presents that were out so that it looked like the loot was BULGIN. Seth tends to be one of the sleepers in the family and it therefore took him a little while to figure out what was going on, but when he did he was TICKED. So funny, yet so sad. Poor Puppy.

Anyway. Are we exchanging names for presents for Christmas or what? Alright, we don't need to think about that right now. I'll enjoy Halloween and Thanksgiving but you bes' believe I'm startin a countdown. 73...

Speaking of Halloween, I need a good costume. Any suggestions?