Thursday, February 19, 2009

Nothing Special

So I don't really have anything special to say. Except my mom, dad, and Seth came up recently so we took these pictures while they were here in Provo. The first one was taken in Dan's apartment though.

Tomorrow mom is coming up again! My brother-in-law John is performing 6 songs in a concert at a place called Muse here in Provo. Laura is performing two of the songs with him. It is going to be sweet. So my mom and I are going to that.

So I was recently thinking about nick names. I think one time my mom and some of my siblings were discussing this topic, and some were saying that people have to earn the right to be able to call someone a certain name. That is true in some cases. However, for me, it isn't true in other cases. For example: my sister Ann and ONLY Ann (for as long as I can remember) has called me Pootsie Poo Poo, or Poodley Poo, or Pootsie Pew Pew Pew Pew Pew...or just plain Poop. If anyone besides Ann tried to call me that...that would just be weird and I would tell them that they weren't allowed to call me that. BUT...I love it when people call me Audge. To me it shows that they feel comfortable enough around me to call me that. I just like the name too. Want to hear what one of my biggest pet peeves in the entire world is? When people call me auBrey. THAT IS NOT MY NAME. To me it is offensive when people call me Aubrey because it kind of shows that they really did not make that much of an effort to really become familiar with who I am. I don't know. Now if I meet someone for the first time and a little while later they ask if my name is Aubrey or Audrey....that is alright. But if it is someone I know well and they call me Aubrey...What the crap!? Too bad a lot of the times I am too non-confrontational to even say anything, even though inside I am bothered. Anyway...I also realized that my family has a lot of nick names. Here are some of them:

Seth: Befford (me and Laura, and now my mom), Puppy Love (me and Laura), Pompie, Rompus,etc. (Ann), Buddy boy (mom), Cub (Dad), Ronkle (Charley), Sethy (most of us)

Me: Pootsie Poo Poo, Poop, etc. (Ann), Auzray or Auzee Double Auzoo Zoo (Laura), Audge(almost everyone), Auzshee Auzshah (dad), Podge (Sarah) Super model (wait what?)

Laura: Yorligus (me), Ann used to call Laura Toots, Laura Jane (a few people, including my mom and dad, but then again, Jane is her middle name), La (Sarah)

Mom: Yamigus (me)

Dad: Pops (me, Laura)

Interesting. Who knows where most of those came from. And you better believe that at my track meets in high school or Seth's volleyball games Ann was there yelling at the top of her lungs, "Go Pootsie Poo Poo!" or "Good job Rompie!" I secretly liked it. Who knows about Seth.

Welp...that's it for now.

Don't ask me why half of the picture is darker than the other half.

I am not quite sure what to say about this one...

Laura taking a whiff of Seth's pit as Seth "unintentionally" flexes.

Nice. Laura sneaks in a pose with Seth's bulging bicep.

Me and Riggie.

I just put this picture on because I think I look skinny in it.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Good Old Valentine's Day

Everybody knows that Valentine's Day is either one of the best days of the year, or one of the stupidest, worst days of the year. Why? Because if you are dating or married, you get to spend that day with them and whisper sweet nothings to each other all day long and usually the girl scores some red roses or chocolates or a purple teddy bear or whatever that day. I was kidding about the whole "whispering sweet nothings" part. GAG. However, if you are NOT dating someone or you are NOT married, you don't get chocolates and you don't get roses and you don't get teddy bears and you don't get anything. (Alright, that last part was a little exaggerated.) But anyway, it can be a sad day for some. It should be called Single Awareness Day, or Hi, I Am a Loser Day. The point I am trying to make is that Valentine's Day can be a really fun, lovey dovey day, but it is sad when people (whom God loves just as much as everybody else) don't get to experience any of the typical Valentine's Day stuff and everybody around them can plainly see that. And that leads me to my next thought. Think of someone whose day would be made if there was a mysterious rose left at their front door. Or someone who would be stoked out of their mind because there was a plate of cookies left on their desk. Or just anyone who would just like to be acknowledged on Valentine's day, and DO SOMETHING FOR THEM. Anonymous or not, they will love it. I am sure of that. When I was in elementary school I was kind of a loner. I never really had that many good friends or anything. So when Valentine's Day rolled around I feared that I would be one of the kids that didn't get any Valentine's Day candy grams or what not. But when I was in first or second grade, a sweet surprise came. I am talking balloons, candy, etc. And sure enough, on the note tied to the ribbon of one of the balloons said, "Happy Valentine's Day Audrey Girl. Love Mom." I will never ever forget that day. Not only was I rescued by my mom, but that surprise meant so so so much to me. I realized all over again that she cared about and loved me so much. Thanks Mom...I love you.

At first I was being selfish and was pouting about the fact that Dan was going to be in San Diego on Valentine's Day for a rugby tournament. But now I am happy that he gets to go because I know he will have a great time playing in the tournament and being with his team. But I am also stoked because my mom and dad and I think Seth are coming up here this weekend and I get to hang out with them for the weekend, so Valentine's Day is going to be awesome spending time with them! Plus, I am going to find someone that I can serve on Valentine's Day and there is no denying that not only is whoever it is I choose to do something for going to feel good, but I for sure will too.
All I have to say now is that life is good.

 these pictures are staged. But we really like brownie batter.