Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Provo-->Las Vegas-->Florence, Oregon-->Las Vegas-->Harrisonburg, Virginia-->Washington D.C.-->Las Vegas-->Provo

It looks like Jane is dragging Dad up that dune.

I know, I know. That title was way longer than it needed to be.

Writing a blog would be so much easier if I had an exciting life. EXCEPT, it was super exciting going to Oregon to see Ann and Brian and the kiddies AND going to Virginia to see my Yorligus and Johnny Boy. It was all awesome. And I even read two books on the vacay. A Girl Named Zippy and Princess Academy. The first one was really good, and pretty dang funny. the second one is a New York Times bestseller and a Newberry award winner....SO it's for young adults and the book fits perfectly in the "young adult" genre of books. A good story, but a cheeseball one. (I realize that the word cheeseball is not an adjective, but I just love the word.) I plan on reading lots of books this summer.

I need to find a job. But I swear I just wasn't cut out to work! Looks like I will just have to lay out by the pool and suck up the sun. JK, hopefully I get a job soon. I perhaps would like to work at a floral shop. Wish me luck in finding anything close to that.

Is anyone else still shocked that Bryce Leavitt is getting married?! We got his announcement, and I swear every time I look at the picture he is the same age as when I was getting in arguments with him at age seven and telling him to "GET OFF MY PROPERTY!" What? Where did I learn such a dumb comeback? Probably one of my older siblings...

I made some new month resolutions. I am going to get into a routine of regular exercise, I am going to read some books, I am going to get a job, and I am going to be the best gospel doctrine teacher in my ward. :) Except I am teaching the Old Testament (gulp), and so all help will be gratefully accepted.

That's all.