Monday, October 26, 2009


Guys I need a sweet idea for a Halloween costume. So far people have told me that I should be Barbie, Baby Spice, and some other dumb things. WRONG. Baby Spice? Come on. When I was in fourth grade, my best friend Arielle had a "Spice Girls" birthday party, and because I didn't like Spice Girls she didn't invite me. Nice. Anyway! I need ideas asap because my ward is having a Halloween costume party on Thursday...and that is in two days.
So I went to Homecoming last weekend. Yeah don't worry I didn't know that college students went to Homecoming either, but I was asked, and so I said yes. Despite the fact that I was dancing in high heels for two hours, so I am pretty sure my feet are broken in 10 places, it was a fun night.
I saw the movie "Up." It was funny and cute. It was WHO I saw the movie with that I enjoyed the most though. Hehe.
Oh yes, rugby in New Mexico was really fun. Here are some pictures! Bye.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm leeeeavin, on a.........................15 passenger van

Today I feel weird. Not good, not bad, just weird. Anyway, I figured I would write a new post because I am procrastinating my homework. I justify putting off my school work by reminding myself that I am not even going to school tomorrow. Why? Because I am going to New Mexico tomorrow morning. Why? Because my rugby team is playing in a tournament. Why? Because we coo like that. So yeah, I am pretty excited about it! That is a "pro" for the trip, but the "con" is that I could be spending time with mom, Sarah and her new baby and Riggie and Weslie and Aaron and now apparently Seth! Dang time. So I told mom this story, but it's good enough to record on a blog.
So I was at work at the Gap on Tuesday, and I noticed a guy walk in and start looking around in the women section. He then comes up to me and asks if we sold any "skorts." (Remember those?) Anyway, I told him that we didn't have any that I knew of in the adult section of the store, so then I asked him, "How old is the girl that you are looking to buy a skort for?" Then in a REALLY annoyed voice and with a slow blink of the eyes (surprisingly, a slow blink can stir up a crap load of fear) he said, "I am looking for me." GULP. Doh! So not only did I insult this....cross dresser? but I also felt like an idiot. So I said I would go ask my manager if we had any that I was unaware of, even though I knew dang well that we didn't have any skorts because A) skorts are from like '93 and B) GIRLS where them. Not mid-20 year old men. Yikes. Haha funny huh? I can see Laura cackling at this.

So these are my roommates at my roommate Stephanie's parents' house in Sandy. We stayed up til 5 in the morning making a lame (probably only funny to us) music video, and so we dressed up in these awesome costumes. And I'll be honest. My costume was bomb-diggity. I liked looking like a hippie. Well! That's it for now. I'll post pics of my New Mexico trip later. Peace in this nation.

Monday, October 5, 2009


I love Costco, except for one thing about it. And that is the stupid Kirkland brand mineral powder they sell. Yes, it works wonders for your face and I thought I had found the perfect solution to covering up flawed skin...UNTIL IT DID THIS:

Yikes! Freak I don't even need a Halloween costume anymore. But yeah. Don't buy this terrible product because you will break out faster than a prisoner in an all glass prison. (Whaaat? I totally just made that one up...)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Oh Yeah Baby

Conference was great. Elder Holland has so consistently given such powerful talks. Not that all of the other talks given weren't powerful, he just speaks with so much passion and emotion. The tone of his voice makes you want to listen to him forever. But what a testimony of the Book of Mormon. Wow.

I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR. General Conference, Halloween, my birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas....especially the Christmas season. There is something about the air around Halloween (Seth you know what I am talking about) and the memories of watching the Halloween episode of Wishbone with Seth when we were little. Ok who am I kidding, we watched that show up until last year. Haha, jk. Oh and also the memories of watching the Halloween episode of Home Improvement, and of course, probably the best memory of all...watching the Halloween episode of Boy Meets World with Charlie and Heather. Oooh I love it. And my birthday and Thanksgiving (which happens to be Mom's birthday this year) and then the whole month of December because CHRISTMAS is the best (and for Ann, her birthday on Dec. 1st makes that whole month even better)...I just love this time of year.

This is my flag-football team. We are terrible, which shouldn't be surprising, cause I mean come on...our colors are HOT PINK and black. Anyway...even though we will probably lose every is still fun. :)

Shout out to Brian: CONGRATS on completing the St. George marathon!

And Kat: Good luck on your upcoming marathon!