Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Trip to the East Coast

Some things I did while I was in the East Coast:

1. Charley's graduation at University of Connecticut. Manchester, CT
2. Indian food with Charley, Kat, mom, and dad. Manchester, CT
3. Saw the Old North Bridge, Walden Pond, and other historic sites. Concord, MA
4. Stayed in the Onyx Hotel. Boston, MA
5. Ate at The Paramount restaurant where Allison Mitton and Melissa Parkinson joined me, mom, Charley, and Kat. Boston, MA
6. Ate at Marliave with mom, Charley and Kat. Boston, MA
7. Walked around Boston, MA.
8. Walked around on a rocky beach. Rockport, MA
9. Explored shops in Rockport, MA.
10. Ate fresh lobster and fresh clam chowder in Rockport, MA.
11. Hit up some H & M. Manchester, CT and NYC, NY
12. Went to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. NYC, NY
13. Saw the Milling family in Manhattan, NY.
14. Went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, NY.
15. Watched Tangled and Michael Clayton and ate delicious Dominoes pizza. Manchester, CT

Bomb diggity trip, I'd say.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Jeannette Walls's parents will surely burn in hell.