Friday, November 30, 2012

Contents of My Purse

 Do you think the contents of someone's purse can tell you what that person is like? Here is what is in my garbage dump purse.

Ibuprofen, Dayquil, cough drops, Cepacol throat soothers, and some other  antibiotic
I am neither ill, nor a hypochondriac. Those meds have been in my purse for years. I once had a nasty cold/flu and was taking all of those drugs.

3 pens, 2 pencils, and a BIC marker
No, I am not a passionate writer or artist. I just have OCD tendencies and I get carried away with the thought, "I'll need a back-up just in case this one runs out."

Taco Bell sauce packets
I like Taco Bell. However, those have also been in my purse for years. I once stashed them in there so that the next time Taco Bell people were skimpy with their sauce, I could bust these out. Every time I have gotten Taco Bell since then I have forgotten about these packets.

17 cents
I'm poor. I am also too lazy to put change in my wallet.

Blistex, lip gloss, and more lip gloss that has not been used since  I was 15 (that's 9 years ago, people)
 What girl doesn't have these things in her purse?

 Or this?

 This was on top of my dresser when I went home to Vegas so I put it in my purse "just in case." Insert hypochondriac and OCD comments [here].

Trash. Mostly receipts, an empty bottle of ibuprofen, and packing list for Thanksgiving in Vegas
 Sometimes I think my purse is equivalent to a trash can, so receipts, movie ticket stubs, empty ibuprofen bottles, gum wrappers, etc. start to multiply like rabbits.

A petrified gummy bear
 I WAS SAVING IT FOR LATER. And forgot about it.

Tootsie Rolls
Someone had leftover Halloween candy so they gave it to me for my birthday one week later.

Do you have abnormal things in your purse?


Topsy said...

For the last year or so I've been in the habit of cleaning out my purse regularly simply because it would get so heavy and hurt my back.

But yes, my purse used to look exactly like that.

Including the Taco Bell packets

Ann said...

Yep, mine looks worse than that. Way more trash. My phone is in there, though--in the outside pocket, so I have easier access to it. And I have a spool of thread in there, too.

Seth said...

Dude you should see my purse.