Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas 2012

Christmas was all 22 of my immediate family members at home.
Christmas was feeding the homeless.
Christmas was seeing Les Miserables.
It was watching a bunch of other movies, too.
Christmas was a staring contest. A new side of my sister-in-law Kat came out. Respect.
Christmas was sleeping in.
Christmas was sunny skies with temperatures in the 50s.
It was making Oreo truffles, chocolate/caramel dipped pretzels, etc.
Christmas was caroling meowing and barking on all fours. Still not sure if I should feel proud or embarrassed of that.
It was a crapload of presents of all shapes and sizes. See hanging diaper picture below.
Christmas was Dominoes pizza for Christmas dinner.
It was John getting stitches.
Christmas was a miniature dance party and finding out that Aaron, my brother-in-law, is a closet professional dancer.
Christmas was eating lots of Oreo shakes.
It was staying up late playing picture telephone.
Christmas was reading about the birth of Jesus in Luke 2.

Christmas was, in one word, happiness.

Vegas weather
Utah weather
I think it is safe to say that Laura is terrible at staring contests.
Straight up pulled that tortilla mask out of her shirt.
"Maybe Santa will bring you a Skittle." -Ann
Evidence of our weirdness
Since there were plenty of diapers to go around,  why not use one to wrap a Christmas present? Brilliant, John.

Like aunt like niece. Love to have our nails painted.
Les Mis!


Topsy said...

What a great post! I miss it all already!

357 days to go...

Ann said...

I miss it, too. Thanks for the post, Audge.